Getting around Zagreb

Getting to and from Zagreb airport:

There is a direct line from Zagreb Bus Station to the Franjo Tuđman Airport. The one-way ticket costs 8€ and you can find the time-table at

There is also a local public transport bus line 290 that connects the airport to the city. You ride the bus to the last stop "Kvaternikov trg". Since the airport is in the 2nd zone you will need two tickets to get to the city. You can buy the tickets from the bus driver.

Around the city you can get by with the tram:

Number 5 tram line:

["Dubrava"] <-> "Kvaternikov trg" <-> "Autobusni kolodvor" (Zagreb bus station)  <-> "Sveučilišna aleja" (the venue) <-> ["Prečko"]

Number 6 tram line:

["Sopot"] <-> "Autobusni kolodvor" (Zagreb bus station) <-> "Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića" (Hotel "Dubrovnik") <-> ["Črnomerec"]

Number 8 tram line:

["Zapruđe"] <-> "Autobusni kolodvor" (Zagreb bus station) <-> "Draškovićeva" (Hotel "Jadran") <-> ["Mihaljevac"]

Number 11 and 12 tram lines:

"Kvaternikov trg" <-> "Vončinina"* (Hotel "Jadran") <-> "Draškovićeva"* (Hotel "Jadran) <->

<-> "Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića" (Hotel "Dubrovnik")

Number 13 tram line:

"Kvaternikov trg" <-> "Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića" (Hotel "Dubrovnik") <-> "Sveučilišna aleja" (the venue) <-> ["Žitnjak"]

Number 14 tram line:

["Mihaljevac"] <-> "Draškovićeva" (Hotel "Jadran") <-> "Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića" (Hotel "Dubrovnik") <-> ["Savski most"]

Buying tram/bus tickets:

There are 4 types of tram/bus tickets you can buy for the local transport. The 30, 60 and 90 minute ticket and the daily ticket. You can buy the tickets at kiosks located around town or from the tram/bus driver. The cost of the tickets are 0.53€, 0.93€, 1.33€ and 3.98€ respectively if bought at a kiosk or 0.8€, 1.33€, 1.99€ and 3.98€ respectively if bought from the driver. You can validate your ticket on the little yellow machine located at the front of the tram.