Invited talks

  • Claire David (Sorbonne University)
    "Iterated Fractal Drums ~ Some New Perspectives: Polyhedral Measures, Atomic Decompositions" [Abstract, slides]
  • Uta Freiberg (Chemnitz University of Technology)
    "The Einstein Relation on Metric Measure Spaces" [Abstract, slides]
  • Renato Huzak (Hasselt University)
    "A solution to fractal Hilbert's 16th problem for slow-fast Lienard equations" [Abstract, slides]
  • Martin Klimeš
    "Deformations of singularities of traceless 2x2 linear differential systems" [Abstract, slides]
  • Michel Lapidus (University of California, Riverside)
    "Fractal Complex Dimensions and Zeta Functions, with Applications to Fractal Geometry" [Abstract]
  • Pavao Mardešić (University of Bungundy)
    "Deformations of Darboux Integrable Systems and Pseudo Abelian Integrals" [Abstract]
  • Dmitry Novikov (Weizmann Institute of Science)
    "Finiteness Properties of Functions Defined by Polynomial Differential Equations" [Abstract]
  • Laura Ortiz-Bobadilla (National Autonomous University of Mexico)
    "Local Analytic Representatives in the Understanding of Invariants of Analytic Foliations by Curves" [Abstract]
  • Daniel Panazollo (University of Upper Alsace)
    "Rigidity of Saddle-Loops" [Abstract]
  • Jessie Diana Pontigo Herrera (National Autonomous University of Mexico)
    "Infinitesimal and tangential 16-th Hilbert problem on zero-cycles" [Abstract]
  • David Rojas (University of Girona)
    "Period Function of Planar Turning Points" [Abstract, slides]
  • Valery Romanovski (University of Maribor)
    "Computation of normal forms of ODEs for systems with many parameters" [Abstract, slides]
  • Loïc Teyssier (University of Strasbourg)
    "Analytic normal forms for planar vector fields near a saddle point" [Abstract, slides]
  • Joan Torregrosa (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
    "Local cyclicity for low degree families of centers" [Abstract, slides]

Short talks

  • Vlatko Crnković (University of Zagreb, Hasselt University)
    "Fractal Analysis of Hyperbolic Saddles and Semi-Hyperbolic Singularities with Applications" [Abstract, slides]
  • Dino Peran (University of Split)
    "Normal Forms for  Strongly Hyperbolic Logarithmic Transseries and Dulac Germs" [Abstract, slides]
  • Rafel J. Prohens (Universitat de les Illes Balears)
    "Probability of Existence of Limit Cycles for a Family of Planar Systems" [Abstract, slides]
  • Maja Resman (University of Zagreb)
    "Fractal Data in Reading Invariants of Dynamical Systems" [Abstract, slides]
  • Gabriela Gutierrez (University of Burgundy)
    "Hamiltonian Monodromy: Dynamical Systems and Physics" [Abstract, slides]